Great Moments in Saturday Morning Cartoons #3

Ah He-Man, what a nostalgic pile of shit it was.  I watched this show fervently as a kid, but even then something didn’t stick right with me, and even though the theme song brings back memories, they’re not the same as I get from Transformers or Monkey Magic. It’s also the only intro in TV history that involves the main character talking to the audience, then punching them in the face.

Anyhoo, why is He-man such an important cartoon?  Because it was based on a toy line made by Mattel, and not the other way around.  I think that’s why I didn’t really like He-man, part fantasy, part sci fi, no explanation.  Something deep inside me realised it was a half arsed attempt to cash in, which it was.  Of course, when it became popular and sales of the toy line went gangbusters, every other show out there did pretty much the same thing; make action figure cartoons (how can you tell action figure cartoons?  The main characters all look the same except for one or two minor cosmetic changes, it means the toy makers have to spend less on casts.  GI-Joe’s 80s toy line was 3 casts, and 500 coats of paint.)
(P.S, I lied, I fucking loved this as a kid, and I hate myself for it now.)


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  1. In fairness Transformers cartoon was created by Hasbro after they bought the ‘Microman’ and ‘Diaclone’ toylines off a Japanese company in the early 80s.

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