Right, time for a Joke

Man: “Doctor Doctor, my bum hurts”

Doctor:  “Right, take off your pants, bend over, let’s have a look at it.”

Man: (does so)

Doctor: “My God!”

Man: “What is it?”

Doctor: “There’s a rolled up $20 note sticking out of your bum!”

Man: “What?”

Doctor: “You heard me.  Do you want me to pull it out?”

Man: “Yes!”

Doctor: (does so) “My god!”

Man: “What?”

Doctor: “There’s another one!  A tenner this time!”

Man: “Well pull it out!”

(and so on they go, tens, twenties, the odd fifty, until they eventually stop.”

Doctor: “That’s the lot of em.”

Man: “How much is there?”

Doctor: (counts them up)  “looks like $1995.00.”

Man: “That’d be right.  I wasnt feeling two grand.”


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