On Democracy

Right, it’s been a while since I last ranted.  Last time it was about the Bill of Rights, this time it’s democracy.


#1: Democracy isn’t an inherently good thing.  It is, in fact, the least worst way of running a government.  That’s why it’s so popular.  businesses aren’t democracies.  Schools aren’t democracies. armies aren’t’ democracies.  If you put a little democracy into them, they’d all go arse up and die to the less democratic versions of them.  And anyhoo, we’ve got the rule of law and inalienable rights and things like that to prevent the tyranny of the majority. If democracy wasn’t bad, we wouldn’t need them, would we?  So please, stop using the word democratic as a replacement for ‘good’ or ‘right.’

#2: Democracy does not equal freedom.  99% of the time, people in democracies will vote for more freedom, and generally, freedom is a good thing (rant #3 will be about how freedom is not all it’s cracked up to be. I know, I’m contrary, aren’t I), but that doesn’t stop people like Hitler coming to power through the popular vote, and then getting applauded when he pulls apart the popular vote.  Sometimes, freedom can get in the way of democracy.  Apathy in voting in most countries means most people don’t vote even though they can. Look at Australia.  We force people to vote down here, and guess what, we’re more democratic because of it.  I think our record turnout was 97% in 1998. Kinda feels weird to take away a person’s right to not vote only to make things more democratic.

#3 Democracy doesn’t equal peace.   Look at Palestine.  Their first free elections lead to Hammas coming to power.  They’re a terrorist group. 

#4 Democracy doesn’t lead to peace.  If it did, the Palestinian people wouldn’t have elected Hammas in the first place, and the US and other world powers wouldn’t have cut their funding and neutered them as a ruling power (I’m still gobsmacked america can talk about democracy in the middle east after turning their back on that free and fair election.  You think they’d realise that that kinda shit is why Hammas gets elected in the first place, wouldn’t you). 

A democracy, quite simply, is no better than the people in it.


One Response

  1. #2: Even if they vote for Family First because, ‘Hey, families are good, right?’

    #3/4: Terrorists? Depends on who you ask.

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