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Saladin: The Animated Series
29 December, 2008

(am still trying to figure out how to embed. If its not there, sorry.)

This is one of your classic ‘non-hollywood’ stories.  A great, kick arse rollicking sword and swashbuckling tale that doesn’t involve a white guy as the hero.  Actually, the whole thing has the Christians as a bunch of religious fanatics hellbent on a holy war. 


If only hollywood would actually make those samurai epics or kung fu stories or african warrior epics without trying to figure out how to stick a white guy in it, then we might actually have something to watch.


Game Review: Loco Roco
27 December, 2008

Never has a game succeeded so much in making the player happy.

The Parting Glass
26 December, 2008

Of all the money that ere I had, I spent it in good company.
And of all the harm that ere I’ve done, alas was done to none but me.
And all I’ve done for want of wit, to memory now I cannot recall.
So fill me to the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all.

Overheard this Christmas
25 December, 2008


Guy A:  Merry Christmas!

Guy B:  I’m not Christian.

Guy A:  That’s Okay.  I am.

Worst Song Ever
20 December, 2008

It was the sound irritable bowel syndrome would make if it thought it could sing.

It was the kindof thing that would make Florence Foster Jenkins curl up in a ball and cry.

It was like being raped in he ear by a cat. It was like being raped in the ear with a cat.

Not even the most constipated bowels could withstand its sheer power.

It was used to wake up coma patients, but only so they could request euthanasia.

It proved the existence of God, and that he was autistic.

If you could give it a numerical value, that value would be ‘fuck you’.

And yet it got regular airtime on most commercial radio stations

18 December, 2008

Her hands were like leather and stained where she picked up her ever present cigarette. Dry skin, an small lie, easily given when I asked about it.

She never made eye contact across the table, except when she would turn away from me to look for the waiter, who was never there when she wanted him to be, and even then, it there was an edge of panic in her eyes.  I tried to tell myself it was for some reason greater than the absent help, but I knew that it wasn’t so.  I would have asked her if she was still taking the pills, but the lies were effortless.  They were easier than looking me in the eye.

Wolverine: Origins
16 December, 2008

Apologies for the descent into fanboy.

Saw the trailer it looks okay enough.

Can’t wait to have my dreams of a worthwhile Deadpool be ruined!!!

Video Game
15 December, 2008

i have a great idea for a computer game; a WWII FPS which is even LESS realistic than Wolfenstein. I’m talking giant spider robots, hitler clones, ancient Norse gods, giant Japanese samurai robots. In other words, a WWII steampunk sci fi action game.

You can’t tell me that Hitler as the end guy, with his head surgically implanted onto a giant gorilla with machine guns for nipples isn’t a cool idea.

Also, you could then excuse the complete lack countries other than the US being on the winning side.  I swear, you’d think they won that war singlehandedly.

On Democracy
14 December, 2008

Right, it’s been a while since I last ranted.  Last time it was about the Bill of Rights, this time it’s democracy.


#1: Democracy isn’t an inherently good thing.  It is, in fact, the least worst way of running a government.  That’s why it’s so popular.  businesses aren’t democracies.  Schools aren’t democracies. armies aren’t’ democracies.  If you put a little democracy into them, they’d all go arse up and die to the less democratic versions of them.  And anyhoo, we’ve got the rule of law and inalienable rights and things like that to prevent the tyranny of the majority. If democracy wasn’t bad, we wouldn’t need them, would we?  So please, stop using the word democratic as a replacement for ‘good’ or ‘right.’

#2: Democracy does not equal freedom.  99% of the time, people in democracies will vote for more freedom, and generally, freedom is a good thing (rant #3 will be about how freedom is not all it’s cracked up to be. I know, I’m contrary, aren’t I), but that doesn’t stop people like Hitler coming to power through the popular vote, and then getting applauded when he pulls apart the popular vote.  Sometimes, freedom can get in the way of democracy.  Apathy in voting in most countries means most people don’t vote even though they can. Look at Australia.  We force people to vote down here, and guess what, we’re more democratic because of it.  I think our record turnout was 97% in 1998. Kinda feels weird to take away a person’s right to not vote only to make things more democratic.

#3 Democracy doesn’t equal peace.   Look at Palestine.  Their first free elections lead to Hammas coming to power.  They’re a terrorist group. 

#4 Democracy doesn’t lead to peace.  If it did, the Palestinian people wouldn’t have elected Hammas in the first place, and the US and other world powers wouldn’t have cut their funding and neutered them as a ruling power (I’m still gobsmacked america can talk about democracy in the middle east after turning their back on that free and fair election.  You think they’d realise that that kinda shit is why Hammas gets elected in the first place, wouldn’t you). 

A democracy, quite simply, is no better than the people in it.

The US
13 December, 2008

I like to this of the United States as the Mexico of Canada.