They landed in their flying silver disk down the street from here, but I don’t think their heart was in it.

They walked down the ramp and wandered around, tut tutting about the environment and leerin occassionally at an introduced specie, but it was all by the by, really.

“We’ve seen this kind of thing before.” S/he said to me, after feeding the carbon readings into a tentacle held device.  “Over sized holes in the ozone, increase in base temperatures.”  It sighed and rambled on for a while about 15 other planets, spheres and rings to inspect today.  

“On the bright side, you’re killing off the whales.  Those fuckers are irresponsible.  They never paid their last infringement from our last decamillenial visit, and they tried to eat our ship.”  It said before waving the rest of their team back onto the ship and issuing me with a fine and a regulation “Don’t do this again,” Speech it had obviously given a million times before, then dematerialised into the ether.


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