Disney’s Princesses

Disney is running out of fairytale princesses.  They’re the marketing core of Disney’s business with little girls, and they’re running out of fairytales to turn into movies!

I have a solution.  Well, two, but the first one is ‘remake the old stuff’ and that doesn’t really count.

The solution is, use operas.  Tonnes of princesses in operas. Lots of name recognition.  Some of the BEST SONGS EVER just waiting to be reinterpreted/ruined for new audiences. 

Aida:  Kidnapped Ethiopian Princess is enslaved in Egypt and freed with a man who must choose between his duty to his Pharoah and his love for the Princess.

Carmen:  A wild and independent Gypsy woman (who can be a princess) betrays her true love, becomes a fugitive for her troubles and must make amends.

Madam Butterfly:  A Japanese prostitute is married to an American sailor.  When he leaves her for a white woman, she kills her child and slits her …own…throat….

Okay, maybe not EVERY opera makes a good disney movie.

(pity about Madam Butterfly.  Sounds like a Disney movie.  You know, pretty butterfly motifs, an evil cockroach badguy…ah never mind).


One Response

  1. It would be kind of cool to see some dark animated Disney style movies, like Madam Butterfly etc…. but I do like your idea of Disney operas!! Even the non princessy ones would make awesome operas (Pirates of Penzance, etc).

    I say write to Disney!!!

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