Every now and then, you find a small bit of the world where a lot has happened. 

Woomera is in the middle of nowhere and they’ve tested the british rocket programme there, launched spaceships into orbit, tested nuclear bombs there and built a concentration camp for ‘illegal’ immigrants there.

When I went to Europe, you couldn’t walk three feet without passing a plaque or museum or monument.  History oozes out of such an old continent, but in Australia, it’s hard to find anything that full of events and circumstances outside of the big cities, and even then, they rarely have the kind of amazing visceral gut punchingly amazing history that you find in Woomera.  How the hell is the place where sheep were first farmed going to compare to a nuclear bomb? 


Woomera: the best expanse of nothing in the world.


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  1. Anything but concentration camp, my friend. I don’t condone the conditions, but, um… nuh uh

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