The Wizard of LA

He was the greatest mage Los Angeles.

He knew the location of the first castle built there, and how to defeat the giant tarantulas of the Hollywood Hills.  He knew how to find the part of the Universal Lot that was always burning and how to placate the ancestors buried deep beneath the Mann’s Theatre.  He drew power from the dark old ghosts of monsters long dead, their souls seeping slowly from the tar pits, and which Beverley Hills Mansions were gateways to other realms of existence.  He knew the each human who lived within the LA city limits (sixteen, all of them over a century old), and which horror movies weren’t made with special effects.  He  has the final (and only) copies of three unreleased movies in a safe in his home, none of which will ever see the light of day, but none which he can bring himself to destroy.

Sometimes, he sits beneath the ghosts of an orange tree and cries for the fruit that they will never bear, but mostly, he protects his adopted home, the great City of Angels, from those who wish it harm, including, but not limited to, the soul of the great city itself.


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