Dragon Bezoar

“Umm…” Gilly the Fence felt the radiant heat increase as the dragon moved it’s head down to his level. Gilly didn’t sweat as much as feel the liquids in his body get out and run away.  Only equal parts stupidity and bravery kept his feet on the spot and meeting the dragon’s gaze.  Well, now it’s nostrils – too close to see both eyes.  Gods those are scary nostrils, thought Gilly.

“Go on.” Said the dragon.

“It’s called a macroherpetobezoar, really.  At least according to the mages.”  The dragon’s eyes narrowed, the sweat doubled it’s evacuation.

“Y’see, a bezoar is a stone found in the stomachs of ruminant animals, you know, sheep, goats, cows.  Sometimes humans.  It’s made of stuff they…they, umm…”

“Eat?”  Said the dragon encouragingly, though it failed to be anything but threatening to Gilly’s ears.

“Yes,” Said Gilly in involuntary falsetto.

“Use?”  Asked the dragon.  The single syllables were a blessing to Gilly.  Dragon’s are usually more elegant, but any more and Gilly wouldn’t be able to breath.  Part of Gilly’s brain pointed out to the rest of him that this meant the Dragon was interested, at least enough not to kill Gilly.

“Well…they’re good for stopping poisons.  All types, animal venom, alchemical, even Belladonna.  You just drop it in the food or wine and it soaks up the poison.  Kings pay much gold for the peace of mind of being able to enjoy every drink and every meal they eat.”  Explained Gilly, “And a Macroherpetobezoar is…well…a dragon’s bezoar.”

“Steel.” Said the dragon, the sybilant ‘S’ blowing off Gilly’s rather expensive hat.  It landed in a pool of lava and disappeared into cinder and smoke with a puffy ‘whoomp’

“Yes.  A bezoar’s only made of that which doesn’t digest.” Said Gilly, letting his knowledge make up for his courage.”  For cows and goats, it’s dirt and stones.  For humans, it’s hair and  bone, but for a dragon, well…it’d be chainmail and swords…wouldnt it?  So I’m thinking that, if a normal bezoar can be put in food, a steel bezoar from a dragon could be forged into armour that would deflect all poisonous arrows, possibly even fireproof and magicproof.  What king wouldn’t give half his kingdom for that?”

“Hmmm….” said the dragon, a low rumble passed through Gilly’s body, “Gack.”  Gilly didn’t need any more convincing.  If the dragon wanted to talk, he needed room, and gilly jumped and hopped over the small pools and rocks on the ground around the dragon’s lair. 

The dragon arched it’s neck up, drawing itself to its full height.  Gilly couldnt help but notice the pile of gold on top of which the dragon rested.  It was more gold than Gilly had ever seen in one place, but the dragon was large enough to dwarf it.  Actually, realised Gilly, it was barely large enough for the dragon to sleep upon.  He had chosen the right dragon.

It looks like this gamble might pay off, thought Gilly.


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