An Exercise in labels.

Right, turn off the part of your brain which thinks like an individual and think like society in general. The bit that has interesting conversations about the definition of X or the role of X or the deconstruction of X, tell it to fuck off for a short while.

Now, take the broad approach to definitions and concepts and labels and just look at the world around you.  Be UNCRITICAL, and then start labelling stuff.

What’s girly? What’s manly? What’s cool? What’s nerdy? who’s beautiful? what’s interesting? what’s not interesting?

And then, when you turn your brain back on, you realise how you’ve divided the world. It is better or worse this way?  probably a bit of both, really, but that’s the critical part of my brain avoiding labels.  the uncritical part of me thinks it’s kinda gay.


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  1. Arrrggh!

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