Johnny Walker Blue Label: A review

It smelt of three play dough left out in the sun for too long, and had a colour like urine mixed with water.  It tasted like nothing.

Some whiskeys aim to be light, and soft on the pallet (A good thing, considering the first thing any whiskey drinker learns is how to ignore the burning, throat gagging sensation you get from drinking the stuff), but Blue goes through light flavours and out the other side, into a realm where you wonder why the hell you spent so much on the stuff in the first place.

Generally, the more expensive whiskey gets, the more exciting the damn stuff is, with each glass a god damn experiment in getting the mix of water/ice and the water-of-life right.  This though, was barely there.  It didnt even have the traditional ashtray used as filter notes that most scotch seems to revel in as a mark of pride.

My advice: buy Middleton’s Reserve – the Jameson’s equivalent.  Strong, robust and with end notes that make you jump up and go ‘that’s apricot! what the fuck is apricot doing in my whiskey?!?’ before punching you in the tongue and wallet and letting you enjoy the dark haze of a night spent scrounging for small change to buy pissweak cheaparse beer b/c you’ve spent it on something good .

Rating: 2 stars out of 5 for disappointment.


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