The Men from Brazil.

Once Mengele had been tried and hung, the question of what to do with his army remained a potent and problematic issue to the Brazilian government.

20,000 Hitler clones weren’t just going to disappear overnight, were they.

A thorough denazification and integration programme was set up with support from the US and Israel, but was found to be unnecessary, as most of the army were happy to leave their jungle fortress and integrate into a brazilian society full of beautiful women and samba music.

Your average Brazilian was less enthusiastic about their entry into society. Despite thorough military training, they were banned from entry into the Brazilian army, and no support was given to them by the government.  The result was Hitler ghettos, peppering the slums of Rio De Janiero.  Many entered into organised crime, while others followed in the footsteps of disenfranchised people everywhere andturned to radical right wing political groups.

A riot in the streets of Rio left 14 Hitlers dead when police opened fire on a peaceful protest against systematic discrimination.  This was followed by a report in Life magazine about the plight of the Brazilian Hitlers, leading to much international condemnation of Brazil for being no better than South Africa.  Eventually, reforms were brought in to aid their social plight.

Today life is better for the Men from Brazil, many of whom hold  highly respected positions in Brazilian society, and can be seen with their families on the beaches of Brazil, and while discrimination hate crimes still affect this much maligned social group, their lot in life is surely getting better.


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