Being Australian aside, Kangaroos are my favourite animal.

  • Unlike most megafauna, the grey kangaroo actually had a population explosion when europeans chopped down the forests and put fences across the plains.  This is because the greys prefer grassland to forests and fences do NOTHING to stop roos ( though other breeds of macropods that lived in the forests did suffer).
  • Kangaroos are the only mammal killed for meat while pregnant, something that is quite a concern for animal activists.  Though this is because wilf female roos are ALWAYS pregnant. they give birth to two joeys, one grows while the other stays in its little jellybaby form by drinking a special milk of the mother.  When the growing joey is too big, the mum kicks it out of the pouch, and the other gets a chance to grow.  It then goes back into heat and becomes pregnant again with more joeys, meaning it’s always pregnant.
  • Kangaroo meat is cheaper than beef in most Australian Supermarkets.
  • Kangaroos actually use less energy when hopping at high speeds than when they are stepping along the ground, thanks to the efficient manner in which it moves.
  • Kangaroos drown dogs.  When attacked by dogs, they run into water, turn around,  then lean back, put their feet up and when the dog gets too close, they slam their feet down and drown the dog.  The only other animal to drown its predators is the giant octopus, which has been recorded wrestling sharks until the sharks suffocate.
  • Kangaroos have four vaginas.  one in, two out and a third one across which no one really knows about.
  • Arent roos brilliant?

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