Schrodinger Cat Cruelty Case Fails.

The controversial Wave Pty Ltd, producer of the “Schrodinger Cat in the Box” novelty pets and toys won a crucial victory in the Supreme Court of Victoria today, as the animal cruelty charges brought by the RSPCA were thrown out due to a lack of evidence.

“There were major uncertainties with the evidence before the Court,” Commented Justice Planck, “Despite claims made by 50% of the customers of the Defendant, the plaintiff was unable to prove that the cats were dead when delivered by the defendant.”

Due to the complex nature of the corporate structure of the Wave Corporate Group, further complications arose from uncertainties as to the correct Defendant.  “The Plaintiff was unable to show, at any time, both the identity of the Defendant or the direction in which the Defendant was heading.”

Despite this victory, the Wave Group is still under the shadow of massic compensation claims from dissatisfied customers, which could potentially force all of the companies in the group into liquidation, though the amount of compensation to be sought remains uncertain.  Said an ACCC Spokesman on the matter of the uncertain compensation, “The quantum will not be known until the Waves collapse.”


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