Stendhal Bomb

The effect was first noticed by a military scientist while on holiday in Florence with his wife.  After two years of testing, it was deployed in the fifth Iraq conflict against Sino-Russian personnel. 

Borrowing from the primary fuel blast of MOABs and Blu-82 Daisy Cutters, the glass crystals are spread by altitude triggered primary blast.

The secondary blast lasts 2.5 seconds,  1.5 seconds longer than necessary to ensure effectiveness. It is not a blast at all, but a high powered multi-directional laser on the blu-ray wavelength, carrying crude, non ditigal optical information, sending out a dense packet of visual stimuli equal to thirty Louvres worth of art in millisecondand throughthe blast radius via the dispersed crystals.

Those within the blast radius have the entire body of Romantic works from the French, English and Italian school downloaded directly into their brain,  inducing Stendhal Syndrome – increased heartbeat, dizziness, confusion, hallucinations of a debilitating yet pleasant nature, eventually leading to cardiac arrest or catatonia. The result of overexposure to fine works of art. 

Weaponised art.


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